The Canal District is still one of the most popular areas to live in these days.

The impressive canal houses, the many shops and restaurants invite you to stroll, dine and, above all, enjoy life to the fullest.

"The Prinsengracht 1109" is within walking distance of many museums. The Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum. Who has not heard of them ?

But also the Stopera, the home theatre of our National Ballet, the Hermitage and the Concertgebouw are within a short distance. Enjoy the extensive cultural agenda of Amsterdam.

There's a famous Dutch song about the canals:

"To the canals of Amsterdam,

I have pawned my heart forever.

Amsterdam fills my thoughts,

as the most beautiful city in our country.

All those people from Amsterdam,

all those lights late at the square.

No one can wishes better,

than to be an Amsterdammer.... "

‘Prinsengracht 1109’ is perfectly located to all the best Amsterdam has to offer.

Prinsengracht 1109

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