Prinsengracht 1109


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On this quiet part of the Prinsengracht, Steenvastgoed develops 690 m² of living space. The canal house is 12 meters wide, which is considered wide to Amsterdam standards, and offers unprecedented options in terms of layout, regardless of the composition of your household.


The width of the property ensures that you can organize the space so that each family member has his/her private space.




The 690 m² is divided into just three floors. At this point in the renovation process, you can still decide how you want to organize the living areas so that it will be designed specifically to your needs.


The peacefulness of the annex makes you forget you are in the busy heart of Amsterdam.

Steenvastgoed will create this characteristic residence to the 21st century standards of living. Only the restored facade is authentic, everything else will be renewed.


The foundation and all the floors are cast in concrete and, like the windows, are newly created. The foundation and the structure of the residence are laid to last a long period of time.



  • 690 m² of living area
  • directly on the Canal
  • overlooking the Royal Theatre Carré
  • wellness, swimming pool, fitness
  • privacy guaranteed
  • lots of light
  • spacious
  • flexible setup
  • high ceilings
  • international allure
  • parking space within walking distance





In the heart of our vibrant city of Amsterdam, in a quiet part of the Canal District, overlooking the Amstel river, with culture and nightlife around the corner,...


We proudly present:


‘Prinsengracht 1109’,

Steenvastgoed’s latest development.